Love Like Lorraine


Love Like Lorraine was created to honor my beautiful mother. Lorraine was a simple farm wife with eight kids, but always found it in her heart to give. As a kid, I was amazed to see her give money I knew she really couldn't spare. She lived through the Great Depression and she knew what it was like to go through hard times. 

To honor her memory, I'm challenging women to take their old purses, clean them up and fill them with things a woman can always use (kleenex, Tylenol, a billfold, brush, make up, feminine items, wet wipes, etc. If the purse is big you may want to put in a deck of cards or another game. Maybe even add a gift card to McDonalds for coffee.) If donating to a homeless shelter, consider putting warm socks, gloves and a scarf in the purse. 

Purses can be donated to a women's shelter, crisis center, homeless shelters, prison ministries, refugee organizations, etc.

It's exciting to think that our old purses given to someone in need! What a blessing! I encourage you to gather together with friends for lunch or a house party asking them to bring a purse or two filled up ready to donate. It can be a casual and fun meeting. Always encourage people to bring a friend! 

My first event was in January of 2016 on my mother's birthday weekend. On the day of the event, I asked a young lady who once lived on the streets to share her life experience. I felt this would make it real to my friends and family; plus makes us all more excited about giving to someone less fortunate.

I hope to see this kind of party popping up all across the nation. It's fun and it's easy and it's much needed. We can all love like Lorraine.

Deb Bowen